Cliques, we all know what they are thanks to the Mean Girls cafeteria montage. But are cliques present in Prairie High School? If so, are they anything like in the movies?


It’s common knowledge that there is a social hierarchy in high school, it’s prevalent throughout movies, television and books. Often it’s the classic story about popular people versus the the nerds. Sometimes a jock will even fall in love with a geek, very Romeo and Juliet. However in real life, things go a little differently. Cliques are real, but a little less labeled, and rivalries are rare and way less dramatic.


So what is the social order like in real life? Well it’s actually pretty simple, teenagers tend to be friends with those they have things in common with. Typically cliques are based off of academics, sports, or any other extra-curricular activity. For example, one would notice that jocks tend to hang out with jocks, or nerds usually befriend other nerds.


Unlike in the 90’s and 00’s movies, people can actually be friends with those from other cliques. You don’t have to be just one thing. In Mean Girls, joining mathletes would be “social suicide” because no one can be smart and popular at the same time, but it’s totally possible at Prairie. In fact many of the students considered popular, are smart.


It’s the overlapping that sets real high school apart from fiction, because in real life you can be more than one thing. You can be in sports and band, you can be on student council but still be a procrastinator – real people don’t fit into boxes. It’s one reason Prairie is great, because even with cliques, anyone is capable to be a part of anything.


When asked if there are cliques at PHS, every student questioned answered yes. It’s not hard to see the different friends groups, in the halls, cafeteria, library, or even classrooms. They’re there, just like in every other high school in the world. In general, cliques aren’t even labeled, it’s just one group of friends out of the countless groups in our school.


You may be wondering, “So where do I fit in? What’s my clique?” But, does it really matter? The overlapping seems to wipe-out  any inter-clique drama anyway. Frankly, your social status doesn’t matter as long as you have good friends by your side. Plus, they say that in college all of that disappears (it can’t completely disappear though, right?).


So cliques are evident at PHS, but nothing like in the movies. ‘Cause well, nothing is ever like it is in the movies. Cliques are just a staple in high school, and as long as they’re filled with good friends, they’re not really a problem.


What do you think?

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