Finding the perfect place to study is the age old struggle for students. It can be too hard to focus at home or too stuffy in a library, that’s why many students flock to the coffee shops. Coffee shops provide a caffeine fueled, quiet (but not too quiet) environment where one can get work done.

The most popular coffee houses in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas are places like Scooter’s, Brewhemia, and Kava House. Many Prairie students frequent Scooter’s night after night.  

When students were asked their favorite place to study in Cedar Rapids, a couple of other coffee houses were listed, more than a few statements were made about not studying, and “my bed” was the second most popular answer. However, the overwhelming response was Scooter’s Coffee on Edgewood.

What makes Scooter’s such a great place to study? Maybe it’s the tons of different coffee drinks, tea, smoothies and more. More likely it’s the free WiFi and generally peaceful environment. It’s a place of few distractions that make it easier to concentrate on homework.

Molly Kilker (11) studies at Scooter’s quite often. She says, “I choose to study at Scooter’s because it’s a relaxing place, it’s comfortable. I also feel that finding a climate that’s not at my house allows me to concentrate more on what I’m working on.”

All of the students coming in also causes some perks for the business. A barista at Scooter’s, Adrienne Elliff, comments, “Students tend to tell their friends good things. Usually after one student comes into Scooter’s, after a couple of nights I see them bring in groups of people.”

Scooter’s is also a great place to study with others, with tables big enough for a couple people to spread out their work on. There’s also a conference room that anyone can book free of charge. So you could have a study group meet there and all Scooter’s asks is that you buy a drink.

So if you can’t concentrate on work at home, Scooter’s could be your new favorite place to study. Check it out or find where ever you feel most comfortable yet focused to do your homework. See what works for you, but maybe try out a coffee houses. They seem to be the winner when it comes to the perfect study spot.


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