The last “Meet Me at the Market” event of 2017 will take place tonight (Thursday 9/28) starting at 5:30. This event happens every Thursday in the months of May-September every year and is free for everybody!

The social event will begin with an approximate 2 mile walk and end with yoga at 7:00. With a casual or distant run, biking, and a dance all in between. And everything is optional so people can go to whichever exercise they feel comfortable doing.

This event is meant to bring together family and friends for a healthier Cedar Rapids. It’s also a great way for the small businesses around Newbo to make more money.

Support for “Meet Me at the Market” is provided by Mercy Medical Center and Frontier Co-op.

There has been a lot of positive feedback from this event about how great it is to get in shape. People have said “I attend yoga every week and I have nothing but positive things to say.” and “Meet Me at the Market was so much fun this summer. I regularly attended the yoga and dance classes and had a blast! Its such a great community event and is even better because it’s free!”

Also, the small businesses appreciate all of the support they get just from this event alone.

There has been minimal negative comments about the event and the people running it do a great job at listening to the feedback and adjusting as needed.



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