Last Sunday The Pittsburgh Steelers faced the Chicago Bears in a head to head show down in Chicago, Illinois (Soldier Field).  The NFL has been having huge troubles with The National Anthem. People kneeling to the flag has caused an up roar an a massive loss in sales for the NFL and it’s sponsors. For example Direct TV announced that it will be allowing full refunds for anyone who has purchased NFL Sunday Ticket. This was against their policy before but has opened up because of the kneeling.

During Sundays National Anthem in Chicago, The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t come out on the field for The National Anthem. This isn’t including former army ranger, who served 3 terms in Afghanistan and Iraq. Offensive Linemen Alejandro Villanueva for The Pittsburgh Steelers. Once the Steelers came out of the tunnel after The National Anthem they were “booed” severely. Alejandro Villanueva’s jersey has hit number 6 on jersey sales, sky rocketing to the top when he wasn’t even heard of before. One of the NFL’s now most respected and now loved player.


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