8~ Never knowing what to wear; because its 60º in the morning and 80º in the afternoon.

7~ Always wanting to get the pumpkin spice frappe from Starbucks but not even liking it.

6~ Trying to watch a scary movie by yourself around halloween, but end up watching my little ponies before you fall asleep so you don’t have nightmares.

5~ Being invited to halloween parties, but then struggling to find the last minute halloween costume.

4~ Trying to make Black Friday sales but then ending up sleeping through it, or getting mobbed and not even finding anything you like.

3~ When you want to carve a cute pumpkin and it ends up looking terrible. To the point where your too embarrassed to put it on your porch.

2~ Making fall goodies such as pies or candy apples and it turns out to not even look appealing or taste edible.

1~ The beginning of the season you want to be festive and wear cute fall clothes, so you are standing outside sweating in a flannel & boots. Then you end up wearing sweatpants the next day anyways and still sweating.


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