Auditions for the fall play occurred this week before and after school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Nearly 42 students auditioned for the new take on the fall play.

The play this year is ‘Til Death Do Us Part by Craig Sodaro and it isn’t like school plays Prairie has had in the past. It is “murder mystery dessert theatre experience” wherein the cast interacts with the audience. It will take place in the library instead of the theater this year. The play is about a wedding, where there’s all sorts of wedding drama and of course, a murder.

Most people know that auditioning is a nerve racking experience, however your audition doesn’t have to be perfect. Mrs. Hill, the speech director at Prairie and director of the play, says, “I’m not looking for perfection in an audition.” In fact, she’s looking for the opposite, “I’m actually looking for messy, I’m looking for someone who is willing to look a little dumb in front of other people.”

It seems like this year students really were willing to look a little dumb. According to Hill, auditions went very well this year, commenting,“Holy cow, I said this multiple times, I love/hate when you all do so well. This was definitely the most prepared group of people I’ve seen so far.”

With only 16 roles and 42 auditions that went great, one could say casting is a very stressful task. Hill states that casting is, “The hardest thing, it’s the hardest part of my job.”

The cast list goes up at 3:45 this afternoon on the Speech and Drama website and on the bulletin board by the band room. “I’m gonna post and flee,” jokes Hill.

Auditioning for a play can be a very emotional time, so remember that if you don’t make it in, it’s not the end of the world. So many factors come into play and at the end of the day there are only 16 parts. Mrs. Hill is more than happy to meet with students about their auditions as long as they take 48 hours to process their emotions.

Crew is also an option to be involved in the play, even if you didn’t get a part. “A lot of crew will be needed for this, because we are in the library we are in a unique setting where we have to transform the library into a wedding reception hall,” says Hill. If you’d like to participate in crew  for the fall play contact Mrs. Hill by email or find her in the library. All help will be greatly appreciated and needed.

All in all, the play this year is sure to be interesting. Whether you auditioned and made it in, are part of crew, or just interested in viewing the play, the performances on November 10th and 11th are sure to be an exciting time!


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