Coming back to Prairie high school with halls full of students. This is the happiest time of the year. We are motivated and dedicated to being the best Prairie student possible.

We start coming back to school with a positive attitude while looking forward to the new school year and seeing our long lost friends.

A few weeks later we praise the Friday night lights, we look forward to a night in the stands as if it were an NFL football game.

Then homecoming rolls around, literally the schools Christmas. Prairie high school takes homecoming almost as serious as christ being born.

A recap… we proceed to come back in our new clothes, meeting new friends and teachers. Continue to go crazy in the stands every Friday night. We come together for homecoming week.

Then what?

Nothing. We hit the books for the rest of the year. Waiting around depending on breaks (to get out of school). No Holly Ball, Snowing coming, nothing. Just a long cold winter. After homecoming we look forward to thanksgiving break, then we just look forward to winter break, eventually spring break.

We need to bring the fall spirit, and keep it throughout the whole year. Lets have a toga, lets have a holly ball, WPA. What about an ugly sweater day before Christmas. We can and will keep Prairie High school in high spirits for the whole year. Not just the beginning.

This year we will finish how we started.


What do you think?

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