Homecoming week can be exciting for high school students, picking out a dress, getting asked, the Friday night game, and of course the dance on Saturday night. But for others homecoming week can be quite stressful, I asked ten Prairie students why they don’t like homecoming and their results are quite surprising.

4 out of the 10 people said the reason they hated the homecoming dance was because the bad music taste. Grant stated “The music, because it feels like they are playing from the radio and it seems like the dj isn’t creative with the song selection.” I agree and I am certain others agree with the bad music at the dance.

Two guys I asked said the reason why they hated the homecoming dance was because the heat of the gym. Which is completely true. With so many people in the gym, dancing, and socializing it can get hot. Especially, for the boys with their pants and long sleeve shirts. By the end of the dance I guarantee most people will be sweating.

Two girls I asked said they hate all the stressing they go thru during homecoming week. They both said how hard it can be to find a group to go in and how time consuming picking out a dress and shoes can be. I believe every girl can agree with them.

Harrison said the reason why he hates homecoming was because the asking you have to do. He said “it’s stupid.” Guys have a lot of pressure asking a girl to homecoming, you never know if they could say yes or no.

Some of the students do not participate in the themes during homecoming week, and the students who do participate get frustrated. Mallory stated, “We’d have so much more fun with homecoming and if the school would participate.” Around half of the students participate in the themes.

For the future years to make the homecoming dance more fun, students should participate in the fun themes for the week and the dj should switch up the songs to dance to.

Photo credits: Prairiepride.org



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