An explosion occurred in the Parsons Green underground station, located in West London. The explosion happened at around 8:20 a.m. Friday morning, and has injured 22 people.

Although none of the injured are thought to be in life threatening conditions, the assistant Met police commissioner believes most of the injured have suffered flash burns (The Guardian.)

Metropolitan Police are also treating this as a terrorist attack. The explosion has been viewed as a “Detonation of an improvised explosive device.” (BBC News) While all this happened, Trump tweeted out,”Another attack in London by a loser terrorist. These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!”

Police say that the investigation is still ongoing to figure out who is responsible for the explosive.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 6.52.05 AM

One person near the incident took a photo of the device (BBC.)

An eye witness, Gustavo Vieira told CNN News,”Suddenly, there was this boom… Everyone shouting and screaming… We were just leaving the carriage [when the explosion happened]… Just heard and everyone starting running… And I didn’t look back.”

“I ran for my life, but there was no way out. The doors were full of people and the carriage was too packed to move down,” says commuter, Natalie Belford (NY Times.)

Prime Minister, Theresa May, says,“My thoughts are with those injured at Parsons Green and the emergency services who, once again, are responding swiftly and bravely to a suspected terrorist incident.”

While the Parsons Green station has been closed, London mayor has responded to the incident. NBC News says that Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, told citizens of the city to remain “calm and vigilant.” He added: “As London has proven, again and again, we will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism.”

Khan will be attending an emergency COBRA security meeting with the British prime minister this afternoon (NPR.)



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