Earlier this week on Monday Night Football The Minnesota Vikings and The New Orleans Saints went head to in Minneapolis Minnesota for the season opener. The Vikings had just given away their 10 year star running back in Minnesota to New Orleans.

Adrian Peterson, star running back for Minnesota for 10 years of his career, drafted out of Oklahoma Adrian Peterson put up stout numbers every year he was on the field. He was just one of those guys you wouldn’t want running at you.

Last year The Minnesota Vikings started out out 5-0, they were the last undefeated team in the NFL in the 2016 season. But after injuries to all of their starting offensive line the season took a turn and they ended up going 8-8. This year Minnesota has high hopes of a super bowl caliber team after recreating the offense.

Minnesota has a whole new front line that protected Sam Bradford to give him time to throw for 346 Yards and 3 Touchdowns, 2 touchdowns thrown to the rising star Stefon Diggs (WR) and Veteran Tight end Kyle Rudolph. Minnesota dominated on both sides of the ball. Holding Adrian Peterson to 18 yards in his debut against his former team.

Drew Brees, a for sure hall of fame quarterback for New Orleans was sacked once but was constantly being rushed by the Vikings defense interrupting the pocket and holding the saints to one touchdown scored in the late fourth quarter. The Vikings defense played outstanding just like they have for the past years. Sending 5 starters all from the defense to the pro bowl last year.

Clearly, The Minnesota Vikings in the offseason have built something that can be for real if remained healthy throughout the season, last year we know Minnesota lost their 5 starting offensive lineman and the season took a downhill. Forget about the 2016 Minnesota Vikings. It’s a new year and a new squad. Let’s see what happens Week 2 against The Pittsburgh Steelers. Power ranked at number 1.

Photo Credits: https://hiddenremote.com/2017/09/12/monday-night-football-review-new-orleans-saints-vs-minnesota-vikings/


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