Due to the recent number and intensity of hurricanes, people have been worried about the size and damage that these hurricanes have been causing. But should we be worried about the recent number of hurricanes.


Prairie High School teacher and former meteorologist Noel Clark says that we should not be worried about the number of the but the intensity of the hurricanes themselves.


When asked why there has been a high number of hurricanes Mrs. Clark stated that the increase temperature in the ocean and atmosphere and the amount of water the atmosphere can hold  “If the atmosphere is warmer it’s gonna hold more water and the water is more fuel for the hurricane more hurricanes that could produce more rain”.


Mrs. Clark stated that if the ocean waters and atmosphere continue to warm we could see stronger hurricanes like Hurricane Harvey and Irma. We could also see more stronger hurricanes like Irma and Harvey in the near future.


Due to Irma being one of the largest storms we have seen in recent years there was talk that they would create a category 6 hurricane but to Mrs. Clark she stated that there should not be a category 6 for the time being but if the storms continue to intensify they may need to be a category 6 in the next century.


But when asked what the U.S. can do to help with relief in Texas and Florida that they, should send monetary donations, to your trusted charity to help buy supplies to clean up the aftermath of both hurricanes.


But if we want to prevent some of the damages that these hurricanes have caused the U.S. Government should fund more research to study these hurricanes.
Photo Credit: http://www.businessinsider.com/hurricane-irma-size-intensity-florida-2017-9?scrlybrkr=ee5f7f43


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