It’s time for Friday Night Lights, homecoming style! This is one of the biggest games of the year and we hope to see everyone there possible to cheer on our boys as they take on Davenport Central at 7:15pm.

This is one of the most important weeks of the whole school year and a good night to celebrate being a prairie hawk. The Hawks are 3-0 and this week they hope to raise that number 3 to a number 4. Our student section has been nothing but loud this season cheering on our boys to each victory.

The halftime show will include the marching band performance and the members of the homecoming court being introduced to the crowd as we’re all anxious to see who this year’s homecoming king and queen are. With seven different couples, this year will be a tough choice.

With the different themes for each day this week such as USA day, twin day, groutfit day and tie dye day, they’re all leading up to the most important day of the week, spirit day. So be sure to wear your orange and black clothes and paints to the homecoming game.

At 5:30 before the game, every prairie student is invited to the creek parking lot to paint your body for the homecoming game. People are encouraged to bring their own paint and silly string, but there will be some provided for a small price. If there are any questions regarding the paint and silly string, feel free to message one of the section leaders.

So, tomorrow September 15th, we hope to see all of you at our most important game of the season dressed in your orange and black to cheer on the hawks!

Photo Credits: Prairie Pride Instagram


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