Homecoming is a tradition that comes around every school year. It’s the one week where school spirit runs rampant through the halls. For some homecoming seems like a cheesy week of outfits and overbearing school pride. For others it’s a week to celebrate our school and our home.

Homecoming occurs in high schools and colleges all around the U.S. It first started all the way back in the 19th century in various colleges. Then and now Homecoming is typically defined as when alumni come home to see the football game and reminisce.

The week is also a good time for students to come together and really support their school. This week so far at the high school there were themes everyday, competitions for who could dress the best for the theme, and an assembly for the homecoming court.

Though it may not seem like much, it truly was a fun week that makes school seem a little more festive. With the help of students and staff, school spirit can really flourish during homecoming week.

Quinn Deahl is a junior who went all out for three of the theme days this week and won a prize each day for her enormous amount of school pride. She comments, “Homecoming is important because it gives the entire school a chance to have fun and unite, to come together as a whole,” and laters jokes, “And it gives me a reason to embarrass myself!”

The sentiment that it gives the school a chance to untie really adds the hashtag #WeArePrairie. Homecoming also helps with the “Better Together” idea that Mr. Anderson alluded to at the beginning of the year. Because even if students think Homecoming is cheesy, somehow they still come together and cheer for our school.

The official day of Homecoming is today, Friday 15th. Decorations are hung around the school and everyone is decked out in their Prairie gear. It’s an important day, a day to be proud to be a Prairie Hawk.

Various Homecoming activities will occur today and tomorrow. The parade happens during school today at 2pm and Powder Puff is afterwards. The varsity football game will begin around 7pm and the dance is tomorrow from 7-10pm.

Go out and show your Prairie pride! Hawk yeah!


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