Last Tuesday’s volleyball game ended in a program-wide sweep against Iowa City High. In the past Prairie volleyball has struggled to beat the little hawks. Which made this victory extra sweet.

Everybody was all dressed up in their beach attire and cheering for their hawks. We had a fairly large section to celebrate this win with!

With the help of a very loud and supportive student section, varsity volleyball got their first win of the season. After a tough loss tuesday against Iowa City West, Prairie knew their strengths and weaknesses that they could improve upon at practices leading up to the City High game. Which helped make their strengths shine through.

The JV team also had a tournament on Thursday. The results could have been better but they now know what to work on in practice.

With most games going to 3 sets Prairie battled hard every game. The team didn’t let being tired become a factor in the tournament which was one of the greatest strengths from Thursday.

The team will continue to practice hard each day to decrease the mistakes made in games.

Varsity, JV, and sophomores will all set out to Cedar Falls and hope to come back with a win.


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