As most of your already know, plenty of Texans, especially in Houston have been in danger zones because of Hurricane Harvey which is rising from the Gulf of Mexico. The flooding is said to be going further towards the Texas-Louisiana line.

Due to the hurricane, a fire had occurred at a Texas chemical plant as the floodwaters began to move back from it’s position. This plant is nearly 25 miles northeast of Houston. A deputy had inhaled flames and was rushed to the hospital while 9 others had gone to the hospital just for assurance. This happened because the power had gone out due to the hurricane, so the chemicals were no longer in the right environment.

The hurricane has a mass effect on the people who are living in Texas. Many homes have been destroyed and taken away from families who are now suffering. There has been a recorded death of at least 38 people due to this disaster. Most of these bodies were found swept off a bridge into the bayou. Many other injuries had been reported as well.

Some cities have lost service from their main pump stations. Since the pump station uses from the river, they don’t really have that advantage anymore. So because of this, many people have lost their main and secondary sources of water due to this tropical storm. Many of these people are struggling and can barely get water as of today.

The Houston area has received more than 3 feet of rain and some places had reached to around 50 inches of rain. The 50 inches of rain has set a record for the United States.

Hospitals have been struggling to treat patients because of the amount of people that have been brought into the emergency room due to the disaster. Even trying to help the people and animals in their homes was a challenge for people. There had been animals left behind because of their owners wanting to get out quickly.

This won’t cause a huge issue to the economy’s growth overall, but it will take many months to know the full impact the hurricane had on the US economy in general. This will end up being the most costly natural disaster in US history because of the damage that has been caused. That’s why drivers are already paying more for gas.

Overall, the tropical storm that is also known as Hurricane Harvey had clearly had a huge impact on the state of Texas especially and is beginning to flood into other states. The impact on the people who live there is huge, but with help from others, they’ll get through it.

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