LET’S GO HAWKS. That is what you’re gonna be hearing every game night on the Prairie Hawks home turf at John Wall Stadium. This Thursday night we displayed our Prairie Pride by showing off our favorite team’s jersey’s. But we are excited to see how the season of 2017 will turn out for the Prairie Hawks.


To Coach Bliss he feels that only time will tell how the Hawks will be doing this year but that the team understands their expectations.


Coach Bliss promises that the same traditions will still be in the future and the same offense and defense we’ve seen in past games.


Coach Bliss stated about how the team has prepared for this season “ We have Worked the kids hard since last november and especially in the summer months in hopes it will allow us to have a success for this season.”


When asked about how he feels the outcome of this years football season he stated, “Our outcome is on the players and how hard they continue to improve and work together and ultimately the good lord. I truly believe that good things happen to good people and feel our players our good people are good people and expect success.”


To the players though they may have different viewpoints on how they will do as players to stay in shape for the season and the outcome of season.


When asked what the point of Jersey night was and what it means Gavin Dooley a senior player for the Hawks stated “The point of jersey night is to show up to any of the games with family or their kids wearing their prairie apparel to support prairie and it builds on showing your support.”


When asked how he feels the team will do this year he says that the team will do good this year and stated “all we gotta do is keep our heads to the grindstone and keep going.”


When questioned about what he has done to stay in shape and keep up with training he said, “I’ve been at the grind since November. Go in almost every morning before the summer then grinned out the summer with conditioning and lifting ect. Also 3 hour practices going 110% 24/7. Also have been watching and looking at film and scouting reports preparing for my final season as a Prairie Hawk.”


Gavin Dooley believes that as long as the team keeps doing what they’re doing he believes that they will do good for this season.


So to the coaches, the players, and to all of Prairie, We all think that the season of 2017 will bring home Pride for Prairie and maybe even a trophy.


Photo Credits: http://www.prairiepride.org/phs/



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