August 29th was the Jefferson J-Hawks second swimming and diving meet of the season.  This took place at the new Linn Mar aquatics center against the Linn Mar lions.  

Although the Lions beat Jefferson 64-122 it was an overall good meet for the J-Hawks.  With time drops from the meet before by 8 of the varsity girls in the 200 yard medley relay, 200 yard freestyle, 50 yard freestyle, 500 yard free, 200 yard free relay, 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke, and the 400 yard free relay the overall power ranking of the Jefferson swimming and diving team went up from last week’s dual meet.

As for the divers, the top two varsity divers took 1st and second.  

“It was off to a rough start but I just shook it off and tried my hardest.” says Anna Penning where she had a point deduction on her first dive.  The team came together and cheered on the divers extra at the side of the pool as they competed.

Many of the swimmers on the other hand were placed in new events, many they have never swam before.  As it still being towards the beginning of the season there are still many opportunities to try out what events are best for the swimmers and the team.  

As Linn Mar being an in-town meet they were many swimmers and divers familiar with each other from other teams.  

“It was fun being with some of the people I had done gymnastics with before and watching them dive.” explains Anna.  Many other swimmers were reunited with past teammates from Linn Mar.

As for the future the Jefferson swimming and diving team will have another dual meet against Waterloo at home.  It will be a very good opportunity to get a win for the J-hawks as they blew against them previous years.  Swimmers will most likely be placed more strategically in events to sweep first and possibly second.

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