As we know last week a once tropical storm turned into a category 4 hurricane known as Harvey. Sadly, resulting in deaths and the loss of homes. Although the storm has taken way more than we can imagine, the world and some of its brightest individuals are giving back even more.


J.J Watt, defensive end for the Houston Texans is proceeding toward his goal of 10 million dollars in donations toward his foundation to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. J.J Watt expresses his feelings in this quote from “It’s been extremely difficult to watch but it’s been unbelievably motivational to see firefighters, policeman, everyday citizens on boats helping each other out, lifting each other up.”


J.J Watt at first was only asking for a goal of 200,000 dollars, easily surpassing and reaching a total of 5 million dollars present day. Watt has increased his goal significantly and giving more than we could possibly imagine. People like Ellen DeGeneres and Miley Cyrus have each combined given 1 million dollars.


The Houston Texans, along with the rest of the world are giving back to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in tremendous fashion. You yourself if interested can donate today and help reach the goal of 10 million dollars. Donate today at


St. Louis Cardinal 3rd baseman Matt Carpenter has decided to throw 10,000 dollars towards Hurricane Harvey relief for every home run he hits. After last weeks game against The Milwaukee Brewers. Carpenter hit a solo shot to right center giving St. Louis a run on the board and Harvey victims 10,000 dollars.


Carpenter says in his tweet on August 28th: “From now till the rest of the season we will donate 10,000 dollars for every Home run I hit to help aid the relief efforts in Houston.” Along with Carpenter The St. Louis Cardinals have also decided to pitch in 10,000 more dollars for every home run Matt hits.


The MLB has two months left of baseball giving time for Matt Carpenter to easily go on a hot streak in September and possibly October. This could easily add up and give back to the victims who were affected. We see players all around the Major sports world who are giving back and you can too.

American Red Cross is doing all it can with its donations to help the victims who have lost their homes, and loved ones. You can give back today to either the J.J Watt Foundation or here at The American Red Cross website below. All donations are greatly appreciated and accepted to help relieve the victims.

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