Have you had the chance to meet our 4 legged, golden, and fluffy Friele? If not this is the place to be.

Friele is the newest staff member at Prairie High school, she is a yellow lab walking the halls to make our days here at PHS better. Friele is available to everyone, don’t be shy.

Friel’s daily schedule is simply following Mrs. Grolmus through the school. She meets and greets lots of students. Her favorite rooms to explore are the geometry and algebra rooms.

Activities you can catch Friele participating in are petting and approaching students. She will walk around and simply help students feel more comfortable in the environment.

The impact that Friele has made on students is amazing. She is a very valuable tool for teachers to get to know students on personal level. “When students pet or approach Friele it gives them the opportunity to begin telling me stories about there dogs are pets at home.” stated, Mrs. Grolmus.

Most of all Friele puts a vibe in the halls of relaxation. Friele comes from an agency called cares. This is where she has been trained very seriously to 6-8 hours on end. Friele is simply designed to do what she does.

Not only is she designed to do what she does; but she absolutely loves what she does too! “Everyday Friele will jump in the car anxiously, and continues to cry all the way to school until she gets into the building” said, Mrs. Grolmus.

Friele is designed to cure the most serious cases such as anxiety, diabetes, post traumatic stress disorder and much more serious challenges people face in their day to day lives.

Yet at the same time is helpful to others who just need a friendly face in the halls.

Overall, we are very lucky to have a girl like Friele wagging her tail in the halls here of Prairie high school.


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