The construction going on at Prairie is shaking things up in the day to day activities at College Community. This morning I interviewed our Superintendent John Speer. I asked him a few questions about the construction going on at Prairie.

When asked what problems the construction would fix, Speer answered “Construction will fix all the needed updates like, more classroom space, we will have a new fire system, intercom system, and also heating and cooling system. Best of all, this new system will save money and energy for the school.” Speer was optimistic about the future years stating,“The new space should last us 15-20 years if all goes well, which will be outstanding, especially with all the new incoming students.”

For all the construction to be done, it will take awhile, hopefully in between three and a half years to four. Speer did announce that the band and lunch room should be done by next year

Traffic around Prairie has always been difficult, but with the construction going on it makes it even more of an inconvenience for students. There are difficulties getting around Prairie especially when there is a main road closed. Speer did issue that there will be more inconveniences when the construction gets started in the school. During Spring break, the whole office will be getting worked on and the noise will be very distracting to students trying to learn.

While all the construction going on might be a hassle, the outcome will be outstanding for the future students at Prairie.


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