Prairie Seniors Darrian Dennison, Allen Kriegermeier, and Drew Schulte talked about participating in the annual bring your tractor to school day and truck and trailer day. Tractor day took place Thursday May 11th, while Truck and Trailer day is May 12th.

Schulte explained that this has been a tradition for a while now, having his uncle participating in his bring your tractor to school day more than 20 years ago.

“Just gonna send it”- Larry Enticer

Most of the people that participated were senior guys who parked in the far parking lot AKA Africa. Prairie’s Administration isn’t too fond of the tradition and they do get constant reminders, however they do not get ticketed.

Earlier in the school year, they had brought their tractors for homecoming and even had a cookout in the parking lot, which they later had to move due to getting shut down by the administration.

Although they always do it around the same time every year, they do these traditions whenever they have time for it. From Walford, IA all the way to the Prairie HS parking lot, it took them an hour and twenty minutes.

“Truck on” – Allen Kriegermeier

Gage Hasey brought the biggest tractor, although it was technically a sprayer, and Jack Baetsle brought the smallest tractor.



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