For the seniors that missed the assembly today, here is what you missed:

Final assessments will be taken May 17th and May 18th during respective class periods. These classes must be passed in order to participate in graduation.

On the last day of school computers will be turned in, if you have stickers on the laptops they should be taken off before the laptop is turned in or you will receive a fine. If there is any damage that you are aware of, let them know ASAP. They may be able help you now, but later there will be fines. Laptops will be turned down the art hallway, where they were turned in last year. All chords and attachments must be with the laptop when turing it in or the student will be fined. Each of your teachers must sign off on your classes after final assessments are taken, the paper the teachers will sign can be found in the guidance office after Monday May 15th. You may not enter a class to get your paper signed in the middle of a class, this should be done during your class period or during passing time. The paper can be turned in, once filled out, to the high school office.

To be qualified to participate in celebrating our 13 years of education it is prohibited to do any senior pranks that will effect the flow of the school day or cause a disturbance in students learning (it would be safe to say no senior pranks at all), other requirements are getting all the required classes passed, and the correct number of collective credits, senior presentations must be presented both on the practice. Also all fines must be payed off (this includes library fines, parking tickets, ext), the check out sheet must be completed before graduation practice, students must attend graduation practice to graduate. If any actions from students that a admin believes needs significant discipline, the student is no longer able to participate in graduation. If any student has anything below App. on assessments it is expected to come back during the week to reassess before graduation.

Senior awards night is May 24th at 7pm, there will be a meeting at 6:30. It is requested that you represent Prairie in a positive way and send thank you’s to those who may attend to see you receive your award.

Graduation practice starts at 9am Thursday May 25th, this is required to participate in Graduation, this will be held in the North Gym. A small breakfast will be provided for those who attend.

Graduation its self will be held Saturday May 27th, doors open for guests at 11:30am, students need to be there by 12pm, walk in without your cap or gown on, the weather could be rainy and you don’t want that to ruin it before you walk, also hang your gown before the week of graduation, you will want the wrinkles out by the time you walk. It is permitted to decorate your cap or gown before graduation. If you would like to decorate, feel free to decorate them after you have graduated. If at anytime you are lost or confused, there will be staff there to help you get to where you need to be.

And never forget, take care of yourself, take care of each other, and take care of Prairie.


Photo Credit: WHacko (talk) Graduation_Thinker_LuMaxArt.jpg: lumaxart (Graduation_Thinker_LuMaxArt.jpg) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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