A lot of people aren’t aware that there is a school newspaper at Prairie High School. However, there is and it is an online version called Hawk Talk.

This semester, my last semester in high school was my first time doing the school newspaper. Last semester I was on yearbook staff. Joining the newspaper team I was excited but nervous. Before this semester we only had four people on the staff and this semester it grew to about ten.

I would like to formally encourage all PHS students and incoming students to consider joining the writing staff.

If you want to join the writing team, you need to sign up for the class Publications. What is expected of you on writing team is one brief and one story per week. These are then posted on our WordPress page Hawk Talk.

One can write about pretty much anything he/she wants to. School events, personal opinions, national news and so on.

As the 2016-2017 school year is ending, and classes are filling up for next fall quick already, if you are interested, go see your counselor today or Ms. Reeves (C241) for more details on what it’s all about!

Photo by: Illinois Department of Agriculture


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