Future Actors, Editors, and Broadcasters get ready for to sign up for the biggest year of Hawks Nest next semester. The class headed by Mrs. Hynek is planned for a non stop year for the show.

Hawks Nest headed by Mrs Hynek has released many new episodes during the Semester and are preparing for the biggest semester ever for next year. However problems persist in the show with it very rarely getting shown on only a few weeks and otherwise it’ll only get released on the website. https://sites.google.com/a/crprairie.org/prairie-hawks-nest/home?scrlybrkr=633e9b84#


The class is widely popular with those who are in it which is around 20 people a semester with several people thinking it is fun and allows their creativity go wild. I asked Mrs. Hynek how she felt about Hawks nest she said “Absolutely There’s something different everyday, Great students, and they do a fabulous job.”.The class who makes the Show and all the boards for all the sports events is also called stressful by some of those very same students thanks to several of the deadlines that must be worked around. I than asked Mrs. Hynek about the number one struggle when it comes to Hawks Nest and her response was “Immaturity” Throughout all the work though Hawks Nest is give you the most freedoms when it comes with what you do with your time than any other class in the school.


For the next year several improvements are being planned including a drone for those in the class to use to film videos. However when asked about it she told me how she doesn’t know about it’s status thanks to the school may fall under a no fly zone thanks to the airport. So the situation with the Drone in the end is stated to be decided later by the school administration whether to fly with that idea.


The History of Hawks nest has been a ride that no matter what keeps on coming. I had to ask about how Hawks Nest began to end this interview off and she responded with “ When I first came to school they built this TV Studio that we decided to use for Hawks Nest.” Hawks Nest is improving with every year offering uniqueness and variety with new kids enjoying the experience and freedom the class presents.



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