“People all over the world cut down 15 billion trees each year and the global tree count has fallen by 46% since the beginning of human civilization.” “Here’s How Many Trees Humans Cut Down Each Year.”

In Iowa the trees are getting chopped down by farmers for more farmland to grow their crops. They need the extra land because the more land you have the more crops you are able to grow, and sell which is just more money in the pocket.


People may not think this affects them very much but it does… and a lot. “Tauke said trees play an important role in preventing erosion and nitrogen and phosphorus losses that can choke Iowa lakes.” Eller, Donnelle. “Iowa Is Losing Millions of Trees – and It’s Hurting Water Quality, Experts Say.” Des Moines Register. N.p., 17 July 2016. Web. 06 Apr. 2017.


The decreasing average of trees in Iowa is affecting the beaches. “25 beaches last summer closed, a record number, because of toxic algal blooms that can sicken people and kill pets.” says Eller, Donnelle from the Des Moines Register.


Gordon Peterson Owner of a 45 acre 90% hardwood forest is “Sad because we need to give the trees time to replenish, because if we don’t we will eventually run out. It takes time regrow, which is what the trees need.” He later stated that “Trees are not only things to look at, they help many businesses, for example when businesses use wood to make their product and/or use things made out of wood for any part of their business. If farmers keep chopping down trees for selfish reasons there will not be much left.”


Gordon Peterson believes in keeping as much natural land as possible which he does with his 45 acres of land, he does so much, including “growing hardwood trees, like walnuts, cherries, oaks, and hickories. I also grow lots of non-hardwood trees like, ironwood, hackberry, linden, locust, apple, peaches, and cedar. My wife also likes pretty flowers so I grow those for her. We also raise monarch and swallowtail butterflies. You could not do any of this if there was a development, or if they were chopped down for farming.”


“I take care of my trees by getting rid of as much invasive species as possible like silver olive and honey suckle so the young trees can grow. I also prune the trees so they can grow as tall as possible which varies on the type of tree.” Even if you have a few small trees in your backyard or none at all, you can use these techniques to make sure they grow big and help the environment’s water, air quality, and just about anything else you can think of.


One thing you can do to help the lowering average of trees in Iowa is raise awareness. Every little bit of attention we can get for this important cause could make a difference. Every tree counts so plant one of your own! It is so simple, just dig a hole and plant a sapling, or a seed, cover it up and watch it grow!



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