As we are heading into the last several weeks of the academic year, seniors need to be paying extra attention to the details of graduation. Not only the cap & gown and the ceremony, but the last huge graduation requirement. This last requirement is known as the senior presentation.

There have been a lot of questions of what the senior presentation is. Basically, it’s your opportunity to share what you have learned and accomplished here at Prairie High School. Also, it’s your chance to explain how what you’ve learned will help and shape the rest of your future. Specifically here at Prairie, you need to include 4 of the 6 universal constructs, your high school accomplishments, and what your future holds. You can also include other things like thank you’s and photos.

If you need more detail of what to put into your presentation you can go to the class of 2017 classroom page. Also, there was a template emailed to all seniors to help you shape your presentation and there is a layout of what to include on the PHS Library page. There are several utensils you can utilize for help along with your homeroom teacher and or counsellor.

These last few homeroom classes are vital to the success of one’s presentation. As in these next classes there will be practice runs of presenting and informational meetings with your teacher like presentation set up times, location and who your host will be.

As presentations are coming up, it is important to show your homeroom teacher your progress so you can avoid doing a special presentation to the principal. Another thing that should already be set up is your host teacher and the time you will be presenting to your family and friends.

On may 16th, juniors and sophomores will have a late start due to practice rounds for senior presentations. It is vital to have your presentation ready to present by this date. Following the next day, Wednesday May 17th is the day all seniors will be presenting at Prairie High School to whomever invited and their assigned host.

The year is wrapping up quickly and presentations are less than one month away. Let this serve to you as a timeline and utensil to help assure your presentation completion. Good luck to all!

Link to Presentation Information:

Photo by: University of Colorado Boulder


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