Written by Nicholas Kremer

Tennis season is underway. The season is young and the players and coaches are ready to have some meets.Both the boys and girls are currently in season.The tennis season is roughly about 9 weeks long.The players participating will be placed on varsity or junior varsity.Here at Prairie High School 10-12 players in tennis will make the varsity level.The rest of the players will be on the junior varsity level.


I sat down with Reece Morris a member of the Varsity prairie tennis team.We first had a discussion and I let the field of answer wide open and asked what it was like to be a member of the prairie tennis team.His response was,”Fun because the coaches are very nice, also the players are very accepting and everyone gets along well”.The message this is sending is the tennis program is a very inclusive activity.This is a strong characteristic as a club because this makes this seem inclusive.This attribute should make the program expand to a bigger group which is good for the team and the school to be open to more levels of varying talent.


Prairie is working on adding more tennis courts and is set to have them complete within one or two years.I asked what his feelings were towards this and his response was as follows, ”The new tennis courts will be great for the program because they can have more people playing at a time and it will be a lot nicer because the older courts are starting to wear a lot”.This appears to be a good thing for the players and the coaches to see more talent.He also mentions how they can have more people playing and less sitting on the side which will benefit all levels of talent.


Morris went on to talk about the success of last season’s team and he stated with confidence, “We won quite a few matches as well as a few meets, we always played our hardest I thought during the season.” It is easy to see the players are always giving 100%.This is a critical success to any sports program. Morris is a critical part of the tennis team and he expresses his optimistic outlook on this season: “We as a team are moving upwards because there is a good 4 freshman on varsity as well as about 5 sophomores, this meaning that there is a lot of younger talented players that can takeover and win some meets when the upper class men leave.” Clearly players cannot stay forever in high school so having talent that is younger is a good thing for any program to have.


Morris went on to praise the program saying, “I would give the program a 9.2/10 rating because the time in the program is fun especially because everyone is very nice.  Also the playing experience at meets and even at practice is great because people want you to do your best.Also Coaches are nice and help everyone equally”.It is crystal clear that players have a good experience in the tennis program at Prairie.After this perspective I hope you will come out to support the Prairie tennis team.


What do you think?

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