Written by Jordan Pierce

Prairie Football takes no breaks in the offseason they lift and continually make gains. Lifting is a big part of prairie football. Those who go to lifting tend to be more determined in season and start. Morning lifting teaches the players responsibility and determination.


 The black and orange Hawks went 9-2 this season and 5-0 in their conference games. They didn’t get from 4-6 last season by just doing nothing. They lifted and they worked for their record. Head Coach Mark Bliss Comments on how he feels about morning lifting. “Some dream of success while others wake up and work for it”.


 Lifting is a big part of starting in season. Coach Bliss comments on this “ Absolutely because they’ve invested more than those who do not attend”

Obviously all players who want to start make an effort to get there.

 Surprisingly  there are also things you could gain from waking up that early  coach bliss he says hopes for strength endurance and responsibility as well as teach life skills and learning to get up early as in life we have to get up early to go to work.


 For prairie to have gotten this far they had to have learned how to work together in their own way. Coach bliss says morning lifting teaches “accountability reliability and it’s very important and developing not only strength but team chemistry and going through the grind together”


Lifting is key for prairie football off season just ask coach bliss of the important of morning lifting he will tell you it is “Vital”.


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