Cheering on your team from the bench with wacky celebrations and skits? The Prairie Boy’s bench mob has you covered, while helping your team win the game.


The “Bench Mob” is all of the players that don’t play, cheering on the team in many different ways and they are looking for new leaders for the next boy’s basketball season.


We need people that are willing to not care about what people think about you because some of the celebrations are a little crazy, and just be yourself while having a good time. Also, you need to be a willing basketball player that comes to all of the practices.


“As far as the mob, we got everybody involved this year, and I hope to see that in the future.” Senior Boys Basketball player Cade Chadima stated.  “There are always different ways to help your team.”


Chadima stated that the Bench Mob is open to anyone who has an interest in basketball, but without playing and helping out the team in a different way. Any current student that will be enrolled in the 2017-18 school year.


Last year, the Bench Mob had three members in Mac Nierling, Joe Meyer, and Cade Chadima. Who are all graduating this Spring. So the Bench Mob is looking for new members in join the team.


Yden Da has stepped up to the plate in being the new leader of the bench mob next winter as he explains his goals to me. “My goals are to get the whole bench involved with our celebrations, as well as making sure everyone is loud and full of energy.” Yden mentioning his goals as leader.


Yden, just a junior is willing to take the Bench Mob to the next level in making it one of the loudest in the state, and hopefully making it trickle down to the players in making them play good and have a good year.


If you are now interested in the Bench Mob talk to Yden Da, by stopping him in the halls or contacting him via email or phone.

What a bench mob looks like → What a bench mob looks like


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