Everyday there are fires and people in need of help. When in doubt there will almost always be help whether it’s the police, fire department, or the paramedics. These people everyday risk their lives to save others, and that it is why we should appreciate them even more. A life is very precious because you never know when it’s going to be taken from you. Firefighters make a commitment leaving their families not knowing that they will come back because they’re saving others.


Phoenix fire department’s day can consist of many things, but to start their day off they check their equipment to make sure everything’s running smoothly and when they do end up getting a call they know everything will work without hesitation.


After they check their equipment they clean up the fire station like it’s their home, they keep it very clean. The fire department is like a very close family and team. They cook dinner with each other and support one another; have each other’s back.


Not only are they great for fighting fires, they’re great for the community and helping out. Some days are taken off and they go help the community and pick up trash that was littered onto

the grass.


My dad was a firefighter about 20 years ago and had loved being a firefighter. He loved it and the community he was in. His favorite thing about firefighting was he felt very rewarded. When things got tough he had also go tough. Saying that, he was able to fight through any challenge that’s why it felt so rewarding.


“There was a fire near Iowa City back in 1980 that was a county call for firefighters. It was a very big LP gas fire that anyone in a 2 -½ mile radius had to clear from their home or work. The fire was so big that if it were to explode everyone in the 2 -mile radius would have died. I remember going in with roaring sounds in my ear and taking a step closer to the problem that had caused the fire had turned into a sharp whistle. At that moment I thought my life was going to end, but when I had taken a step back I figured out that there was a trigger for when I got closer it triggered a sharp whistle. From that point on our team fought so hard that we ended up winning the fight towards the fire and got it under control. The fire had burned for over a year after the incident.”
Today all over the world firefighters fight constant fires, but however never give up. They’re constantly helping and without them to many things would be destroyed. But not only do they stop fires there over all great people who take care of themselves and take care of their community.


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