Prairie Archery Club kicked off it’s second season in early November and it’s best 23 archers qualified as a team for state by shooting a high enough score as a team and finished 18 out of 23 teams at the tournament in Des Moines.  This is a huge step forward from last year when only four individuals qualified for state.  The Archery Club looks to improve even more this coming season and to host more tournaments at Prairie to help increase revenue for the school and to possibly purchase new targets and equipment in the coming years.


Prairie Archery season ended a little over a month ago and the goals for the club in the near future are to hold more tournaments, and practice tournaments, involving the parents more in the program, fixing up the targets and possibly buying new equipment along with targets and a better place to store them according to Coach Jeff.  Also an overview of how Prairie did in it’s second year of archery.


State went very well for Prairie Archery because the team had only qualified by 3 points and had finished 18th out of 23, Coach Jeff gave his outlook by saying,“I thought we did really good, I actually thought we would place a little higher, we’ve had some scores that were a little lower than i’ve anticipated, I think a lot of that was nerves.”  This was Prairie’s first major archery shoot as a team and this only Prairie’s second year having an archery club.


Along with the good finish at state, two members of the team, Emily is a 7th grader and Makenna is a 9th grader, and qualified for nationals in Louisville Kentucky on May 11th and runs through May the 13th.  Coach Jeff had some insight regarding nationals, he said,”I think they’ll do good, it will be a learning experience regardless.”  This is the first time a Prairie archer has qualified for nationals also stated, “They’ll be good representing not only our team but, our area.”

Last year Prairie had over 120 kids participating up from 60 the year before, he said,”Archery at Prairie will continue to grow,” and 5 active coaches almost all the time throughout the year.  “We did have some additional coaches this year that really helped out tremendously,” Coach Jeff said.  He also hopes to get parents more involved in the program next year to help out.

He said,”I can see Prairie having at least two big tournaments like we had last year.”  Overall Prairie and the coaches of the team want to hold more tournaments because it brings in revenue and the money is going to be used to buy arrows, possibly to build lockers near wear the team practices and the priority is better targets, the number he throws out is 25 targets, this is to improve upon the targets the team already possesses and to improve tournaments Prairie holds.

Prairie Archery looks to draw more kids this coming year, to improve as a team and improve what equipment Prairie has and to hold more tournaments than the prior years.  Overall Prairie Archery wants to improve everywhere possible.

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