Coaches or no coaches? In high school sports right now, coaches are not able to work with their players out of season with that specific sport.

There are certain dates each sport can start and each coach can start coaching. In this upcoming football season, the first official practice starts August 8 while there is many training opportunities throughout the summer.

However, Prairie High School’s head football coach, Mark Bliss is able to work with his players in the weight room out of season to push them to get better and stronger. Coach Bliss states, “we basically focus on bulk and strength to prepare ourselves for the riggers of the game when we get started.”

Almost every morning, the football team wakes up to an intense lift in the weight room. Lifting starts at 6:15 and no later. This shows how dedicated all the players really are to each sport, getting up early and getting better every morning in the off season.

This upcoming season is planned to be a great year for Prairie Football. On the other hand, competition will be tough in the Mississippi Valley Conference.

“The stronger we get in the weight room, the more dominant we’ll be on the playing field,” wise words said by Bliss. Training out of season can benefit the team dramatically or it might not make a difference. Athletes train to get better for the season and rely on their teammates to do the same thing.

Not only do athletes train to get better but they train with their teammates to get closer with them. Bliss confidently states, “it also creates that culture that we look for in terms of the kids being together all the time and just trying to create that cohesiveness and that chemistry that we look for.” Sports are all about players working for there team and doing what’s best for the team.

Coach Bliss believes that coaches shouldn’t be able to work with their players in that sport all year round, whether it’s in season or out of season. “In terms of football itself I like sorta the format it’s set in because you don’t want to have kids have unlimited contact with them year round because honestly it creates burnout,” Bliss states with assurance.

Everyone has different opinions on this subject especially. Should coaches be able to work with players in the off season? Football coach, Mark Bliss doesn’t necessarily think they should. Does training in the off season pay of in season? Coach Bliss thinks it does dramatically.

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