Baseball players have so many different ways to stay healthy in season and in the off season. Many pitchers have their personal workouts to keep their arms healthy, it even varies between guys on the same team.

Baseball is started to be taken serious all over the country by about the 3rd grade but it’s in high school when pitchers start specializing. By specializing they practice different things to get the best results. Pitchers from freshman in high school to the MLB all stars have a lot of similar workouts but not all the same.

I interviewed 2 Sophomores in high school to compare their workouts and found that they are pretty similar but have some gaps where they are different. When asked what workouts you do in the off season Hunter Whinery said “Weighted ball program, bands, and shoulder mobility workouts.” I asked Harrison Cook the same question he answered “Weighted ball program, yager bands, and yoga.” Both of them basically do the same workouts but there is a little bit of variation.

A lot of pitchers have different workouts when in season rather than off season. Harrison Cook said that in season he does “weighted balls, bands and throw more pins,” where on the other hand Hunter Whinery changed his workouts more. Whinery said “I don’t really lift in season, but I still do bands and weighted balls. I stretch a lot more in season.” So that’s where they are different. I’m sure they each do it all but they just didn’t mention it because they probably don’t do it as much. Also their workouts change when they have fatigue or sore arms. I asked them how their workouts change when their arm is sore, Hunter said “I just cut back on the reps and rest my arm. On top of that I ice it.” Harrison’s answer was very similar.

In conclusion, all pitchers have their own personal workouts that fit them the best. Scientifically according to, “There isn’t specific workouts that will make or break a player, but there is a lot that will help and prevent injuries.” What it really comes down to is the player’s hard work and determination that gets them better, and I personally know both Harrison and Hunter work very hard at their passion and get better every week. They also have the goal to win a state championship again this year.

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