Mental illness is a bigger topic of conversation in the 2000’s. Especially teen’s mental health. Mental illness within teens can lead to dropping out of high school, becoming isolated, or suicide. Even though mental illness is becoming a larger topic of conversation, it isn’t big enough because of the lack of awareness and education.

People need to learn about these dangers and the importance of mental health in teens. It isn’t always up to par because a teenager is adjusting, but it can become very bad, very quickly. This is why education on mental illness is necessary.

There are troubles every teen experiences like adjusting to high school or dealing with the joys of puberty. But a teens struggles can sometimes exceed this. If they do, that is when taking action to help combat the illness is needed.

Katie Moon, a mental health counselor said “Another way to help is to have better services available.” Noggle, Rachel, and Katie Moon. “Katie Moon Mental Health in Teens.” 4 Apr. 2017. 20% of teens in America suffer from mental illness, but almost 8% suffer from insufficient health care to support them.  

Some people don’t take action because there is generally not enough acceptance of mental illness in the U.S. “If your kid has this problem you know it’s okay to say that they have depression it’s okay to seek treatment.” Moon also said on the topic.

Finally, a teen who has been suffering from mental illness has said a solution could be to “reduce some of the work load we’re given to take home because we have to try to balance that on top of having a life, like most of us do between family and anything else we do or activities.” Noggle, Rachel, and Hannah Kloubec. “Hannah Kloubec Mental Health in Teens.” 4 Apr. 2017.

When we take all of these ideas into account we can see that education is the key to improvement. If we educate those around us about mental illness and why it happens, we can get rid of the stigma about how it is shameful to have a mental illness and obviously also get rid of the uneducated talks or insults.

We can educate the kids it may affect and teach them what to do if it happens, along with educating the healthcare professionals why a new plan is necessary for many families, it needs to reach more people.

Education is clearly lacking, that is why people-especially teens-feel the guilt or why teenagers sometimes drop out of highschool. We want to have a safe and smart community where everyone feels accepted, no one is judged, and everyone knows how to deal with their issues.


What do you think?

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