Students in America are suffering as a result of budget cuts being made by the government.

With the recent cuts from public schools there are many issues coming up for teachers and students that the government does not see. There are 50.4 million children in America that these changes are affecting every single day.

Jeff Miles, a 5th grade teacher at Alburnett stated “We have to teach such a narrow subject area as opposed to the things kids might enjoy and in the long run learn more from.” Math, science and reading are not the only subjects kids find joy in. Many participate in and appreciate art and music classes. Sadly, these are the first programs to go from public schools.

The average pay for teachers is already one of the lowest in the work force. It is continuing to drop because of the cuts. As a result less people are going into education as a profession. With the lack of collective bargaining some Iowa school teachers are only getting a 2% raise for the upcoming 2017-2016 school year compared to the 4% that they normally receive.

Other essential teacher roles and para positions are being cut from public schools. The help that they provide is crucial for students learning and growth.

Mother and teacher, Mary Ann Miles expressed her worries about her son going through elementary school without a full time librarian, and said “They have cut other art, gym and music classes, and if that is his interest then I want him to have those opportunities.”

There is a lot of emphasis on the arts and music being cut, but physical education classes are being taken out of schools also. An infographic created by Spark, explains how the cut of P.E. classes in schools are affecting students.

As P.E. classes are being cut from schools, other teachers are forced to implement some of these activities in their classes. This has an effect on the quality of physical education that kids are getting and the effect that is has for them.

Keeping kids in P.E. classes at least a few times a week has many positive effects. It keeps kids healthy and exercising more. Participating in a P.E. class educates young children on how moving and working out keeps you healthy and also how to exercise properly and have fun with other kids.

In Iowa, public schools are cutting their arts programs. Article “Iowa’s Proposed Budget Cuts Could Come at a Price for Arts and Cultural Programs.” written by Jesyka Deteta, informs us on what Iowa is doing with the money. They are using the money that would normally fund the arts and other programs in schools to paying the state’s bills.

With the lack of support and funding from the government there is not much public schools can do, other than cut programs.

Funding by the government is crucial for public schools and the students attending them.


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