Written by Lydia Walter

According to the Harris Poll in May 2005 83 percent of Americans believe that arts education help teach children to communicate effectively with adults and peers.


Kids in schools all over America are in many extracurricular activities, which each provide different things. Sports provide teamwork skills and gets in exercise, things like photography provides patience and concentration. But what many people don’t see, is what kids gain from being a part of the fine arts.


Evidence shows that kids in the arts gain many different and important skills through the fine arts. Motor and social skills have been shown consistently improving and even other subjects like math can be improved through the arts.


When asked about the future impact the arts had on kids, Jolynn Swartzendruber, Prairie High School Speech and Drama directed replied with an example of a student she once had and former Prairie High School grad, “I just recieved an email from a prairie grad who I had as a sophomore and then as a junior and then a leader senior year and he sent me a message that he has secured an internship in germany over the summer and he said that there was no question that he was able to do that because he obviously had german as a minor, but he said without a doubt his experiences have given him the confidence and ability to get this opportunity.”


There are many things that can be learned from being involved in the arts. For example kids in acting and drama, exude more confidence in front of crowds and speaking in front of people. This can help in the future speaking for future jobs and even interviewing well to even get a job.


Kids who are in the arts have improved from the arts in core subjects as well. According to Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement, The University of California at Los Angeles found students with high arts involvement performed better on standardized achievement tests than students with low arts involvement.


The arts also bring communication skills to the table Jolynn also stated that she sees “Those who are in speech and drama and those that aren’t is that the ones who are have less anxiety into speaking events and working collaboratively with students generally.”


Kids gain social and collaborative skills that help them relate to their peers not only now, but in the future providing lasting positive effects.

Overall kids gain skills that can’t be taught, but more experienced through the arts


What do you think?

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