Attention to all Prairie Hawk students. As we are nearing the end of the 2016-2017 academic school year, there are a lot of things coming up that need to be accounted for to end the school year smoothly and to prepare all of us hawks for summer 2017.

As we are now at last in the last quarter of the school year, finals will be here quicker than one thinks. Don’t forget to make sure all grades are where you want them to be. Just a reminder that with this new grading system this year, if one has all exceptional grades, students will be presented with the opportunity to start their summer several days early. Don’t forget to stay on top of it!

Specifically for seniors, today is the last chance to submit senior quotes into the yearbook. Ms. Dake has sent out an email to all students and in one of my earlier entries I have included more specific information on the topic. All final submissions need to be made to Ms. Dake by the end of the day!

Also, all seniors have been sent an email about graduation teacher awards. A link to the Google document has been included in this email. This document allows one the opportunity to submit the teachers that have influenced them positively throughout their whole career here at Prairie.

Lastly, as summer is coming up don’t forget about college admission required tests. Such as the ACT and SAT. Most universities require at least one of these two tests. An option for taking the ACT over the summer is June 10th. Register by May 5th or you will be required to pay a late fee for late registration. The option for taking the SAT over the summer is June 3rd. Register by May 9th or face the same consequences as the late registration for the ACT.

As we are all excited for the end of the academic school year, we still have six weeks of responsibilities to account for. Seniors don’t forget to stay on top of all things graduation and underclassman don’t put off your college admission tests. Let’s all finish up this school year with our best efforts so when May rolls around we can all start our summer a little earlier and a little happier.
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