This week the US Women’s National Hockey Team signed a new deal with USA Hockey to stop their boycott against playing in the World Championships. In the past, these women have felt they don’t get what they deserve for playing hockey for the United States.

Captain Meghan Duggan told ESPN, “It’s our Stanley Cup in any given year (world championships), in a non-Olympic year, To put that on the line initially for us was an unbelievable gut-wrenching sacrifice. It was one of (the most) difficult things we’ve ever had to do. So, to really stick together throughout the entire process and now find ourselves here, yesterday, ready to play in the world championships is just … it’s the greatest feeling in world.”

The deal includes more pay, a salary of roughly $70,000 a year and if they win the World Championships or Olympics, that could raise salaries above six figures. Also a push for more equality such as now the men and women’s team getting the same accommodations for travel and insurance coverage. USA hockey will also add more money and programs for youth girl’s developmental hockey teams to get them to maybe play one day at a higher level.

The team had a huge amount of support from other elite athletes and even 16 US Senators.

The women begin the World Championships taking on their rival Canada. Last year they beat Canada in the finals to win another World title. These women have one the World title the past six out of the eight years. Also, the women have never failed to win a Gold Medal in the Olympics since Women’s Hockey was implemented.

For now, the Women and Men are on the same page with USA Hockey, hoping to continue their tradition of success.

Photo by: Julio Cortez/ AP Photos


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