On Wednesday the 22nd, there was a terrorist attack in the London Parliament. The attack comes one year after the ISIS bomb attacks in Brussels. At least 40 were injured and five dead including a police officer after a car ran through crowds of people.


Police identified the attacker as Kahlid Masood who was previously convicted of violence in England and investigators are working on what they think was an Islamist attack.


The incident began when the attack drove his car and through the crowds. He then crashed the car near a Parliament building. After the crash, the attacker fatally stabbed a police officer before other police shot the attacker. The city was on full lockdown. Tourists that were on the London Eye at the time were even there stranded.


The Prime Minister Theresa May said “The location of this arrack was no incident.”


Back on the other side of the pond, President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. hit social media to go at the city’s mayor. His sharing a part of a past article about what the Mayor said after the Chelsea bombing, his tweet reads:


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 7.24.55 PM

The leader of the Trump Organization was criticized for saying this in the middle of an incident that resulted in death and injury.


However the White House had more concern while Donald Trump Sr. spoke to the Prime Minister over the phone sending condolences and also applaud the quick response by all the officials in London.


So far the Department of Homeland Security is not changing any security for anyone back home however the US law enforcement is in close contact with the UK to monitor events.




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