Yesterday, local news station KCRG reported allegations of at least 3 elementary school students in Marion being sexually abused by a Marion High School student.

The story, written by Josh Scheinblum, emphasized the little amount of information being released to the public at this time. Marion police released a vague public statement on the incident, stating that school staff contacted police about sexual abuse at the end of October, and that a 15 year old student was charged with 3 counts of sexual abuse.

School officials, specifically Marion Superintendent Chris Dyer, is not commenting on the subject.

“I would be really happy to talk to talk with you about anything you would like to talk about but you have to recognize this child is protected by Iowa law,” Dyer told KCRG.

The law Dyer is referring to just took effect last summer, and keeps most juvenile cases and records out of the public’s hands. However, sexual abuse cases are separate from this law, which allowed KCRG to obtain court documents on the incident.

According to these documents, 15 year old Logan McMurrin repeatedly sexually abused at least three 5 year old kindergarteners from Starry Elementary school, during school hours, from August through October of 2016. McMurrin is a Marion High school student, and was participating in a volunteer program ran by the school district.

KCRG also claims to know the exact actions McMurrin is accused of, but states that “it is too graphic to share on television.”

None of this information has been released by the school district, or the police, in public statements.

The news team has also been in contact with a mother who says her child is one of those abused. She requested to remain anonymous, and is referred to in the story as “Judy”.

Judy claims that school officials failed to not only keep her child safe, but also to keep parents and students informed on the situation, especially those directly involved.

Letters were not sent home at either school, where the alleged attack took place or where the alleged culprit attended.

“We have been directed by the Marion Independent School district’s police department to cease with our communications,” said Dyer.

This was due to the ongoing investigation which was concluded with the brief statement released by the Police Department on November 23rd, but the school district is still staying quiet. Both the police department and school officials claim to have been open for questions from parents after a school board meeting in November.

McMurrin is currently in Juvenile Detention, has not yet entered a plea deal, and is awaiting trial. At least one teacher involved in the incident is currently on paid administrative leave. Updates here on Hawk Talk will continue, as the story develops.



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