Date:   March 1, 2017


Subject:   Men’s Prom Attire


Content:  Prom Origin and Tuxedo Rental


From:   John Albert, Prince Albert Tuxedos


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Men’s Prom Attire 101


Prom in the United States began around 1811.  It obtained its name from the late 18th century’s Promenade. The Promenade was the march at the beginning of a ball in which guests strolled leisurely around the dance floor for all to see. Very stiff and fussy for today’s taste.


Prom is not only a high school tradition, but partially a reward for completion of four years of high school.  It is a part of the celebration of graduating into adulthood.  All seniors, and in some high schools juniors are encouraged to attend.  The anticipation, planning and actual event all create some of  life’s most lasting memories.


Times have changed and society is much more casual than in the 1800’s, but an event of this nature still calls for formal attire.  Dressing “to the nines” is partially what sets Prom apart from other high school social events. For many, Prom may be the very first occasion that calls for such formal attire.


For the man when a tuxedo is worn, it should make a statement …a statement of coolness, class and elegance, not game time dress.  The date will be impressed, and proud family’s will want as many pictures as possible, to share with family and friends and of course for all to look back on over the years!


Okay, so what are the looks for him?  Classic James Bond or perhaps something more modern?  Black or white tuxes are classic and timeless, but are those the impressions the wearer wants?  A top of the line tuxedo store will have a large selection of “looks”; the tuxedo specialists will guide the wearer through many options. Plus the specialist will make sure the tux fits great, his personality and his budget perfectly.


Subject:    Prom Attire (2)


In today’s contemporary dress, color plays a role in allowing the men to match their attire to their date’s dress color, through accessories such as vests, ties and pocket squares.  These accessories complement each other and allows for personal expression, while still being elegant.


          During the tuxedo selection process the tuxedo specialist will make suggestions as to what tuxedo style will be the most complimentary for the man’s build.  The fit is very important; the tux should be comfortable and look fantastic on.  Proper fitting techniques and on-hand tuxedo stock, assure this will occur.  Look for a tuxedo specialist that stocks their tuxedos locally, not out of town (or out of state). Why does this matter? Having the tuxes stocked locally means that if a last minute change or garment adjustment is needed, a replacement item is available within minutes. Also choose a specialists store that will perform immediate onsite alterations. No need to endure the entire evening feeling awkward, uncomfortable, and disappointed because there isn’t enough time to wear what is desired and proper.


Avoid a tuxedo with bold colors and patterns unless a strong presence is desired and you dare to outshine the date.  Traditional tuxedos accessorized with colorful vests, ties, etc. make a statement and complement the date’s attire.  If looking for simple elegance and less adventure, stay with muted accessories colors and patterns.


There are also options when it comes to shirt wear. Who knew?  The most popular colors are white, ivory and solid black.  There are pleated shirt fronts, or plain frons, lay down collars or wing tip collars.  The simple elegant, white tux shirt works really well for all appearances.  It generally allows for a strong contrast between the tie and vest.  However, be sure to explore all the shirt options.


To complete the men’s formal look, patent leather formal shoes are a must.  Choose from a variety of comfortable, elegant lace up styles.  They are available in black and other colors.


One of the biggest myths about renting a tux is cost.  Believe it or not prom tux rentals start as low as $69.95 at some specialist.  You can create that Just Right Look at the Just Right Price!  


Celebrate this exciting time of life. You have earned it. Look great, feel great, go to Prom…have a blast and enjoy making memories that last a lifetime!
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