Staycation is a very inexpensive and fun way to explore the city that you live in and areas around it. Cedar Rapids provides many different options ranging from the NewBo Market to the Czech museum.

Road trips can also be an inexpensive way to explore new places but only if you have a set budget and have a solid plan. Many problems can occur during a road trip like your car breaking down, or the weather conditions are bad. Make sure you have informed yourself and always have emergency money with you.

Also, you can save a lot of money by using the resources that family members and friends can give you. For example, if you want to go swim with your friends, go ahead and ask your Aunt Sally if you can use her pool for the day instead of having to pay to go to a swimming pool around the area.

For students interested in attending college, spring break can be the best time to visit your top picks. Whether all your choices are in the same area, or in completely different sides of the country, visiting campuses can be a very fun way to spend your spring break.

Overall, just have fun during spring break and make sure that you’re making the right choices for your life.

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