On February 21st, the fate of Prairie BPA groups making it to nationals was in judge’s hands. Prairie teams had worked very hard to qualify and out of the 75 participants, 61 qualified for nationals being held in Orlando. In some events the top 5 qualified and for others the top 2 qualified. Here is the list of the qualifiers.

Administrative Support Research Individual

Bailey Swartzendruber 1st

Broadcast News Production

Team of Megan Hillard and Hannah Eckley 1st Place

Team of Jaxon Sirowy, Maddie Bell, Haley Stecklein, Nicole Doser – 2nd Place

Business Law and Ethics

Katie Parizek – 3rd

Computer Animation

Team of Calvin Hynek, Eric Kelly, Evan Lins, Spencer Kiekhaeffer – 1st Place

Computer Modeling

Calvin Hynek – 1st


Computer Network Technology

Cade Chadima – 1st

Emma Copeland – 2nd

Lizzie Gavin – 3rd

Travis Hutson – 4th

Digital Media Production

Tyler Stovie – 1st

Delany Viktora – 2nd

Matthew Altenhoefen – 3rd

Digital Publishing

Emily Klein – 5th

Economic Research Individual

Katie Parizek – 2nd

Economic Research Team

Team of Peyton Staab, Brylee Yirkovsky, Bailey Swartzendruber, Annah Waldron


Dain Stolba – 1st

Extemporaneous Speech

Blair Bell – 2nd

Global Marketing

Team of  Hannah Stebral, Cade Chadima, Grant Pientok, Jake Eilers – 1st

Team of Olivia Nurre, Cal Wagner, Hannah Sellner, Sydney Suthers – 2nd

Legal Office Procedures

Dawson Lowe – 4th

Parliamentary Procedure Team

Katie Parizek, Taylor Fisher, Tyler Stovie, Joe Crum, Ally Busswitz, Lizzie Gavin, Mac Neirling, Sean Hamilton – 2nd

Prepared Speech

Peyton Staab – 3rd

Presentation Management Individual

Cal Wagner  – 1st

Presentation Management Team

Team of Joe Meyer, Darren Kilpatrick, Travis Hutson – 1st

Video Production Team

Team of Mitch Wall, Jordan Cadena, Bri Slaton – 2nd

Website Design Team

Team of Molly Hernandez, Morgan Flynn, Lindsey Frazier, Kyra Ikeda – 1st

Team of Gaby Beckman, Cami Reittinger, Griff Clark, Sam Lockhart – 2nd

Accounting Mathematics Concepts

Collin Conrad – 1st

Business Meeting Management Concepts

Emma Rubsam – 3rd

Computer Programming Concepts

Quinn Langfitt – 5th

Financial Math and Analysis Concepts

Collin Conrad – 5th

Management, Marketing, & HR Concepts

Quinn Langfitt – 4th

Parliamentary Pro Concepts

Lizzie Gavin – 3rd

Katie Parizek – 5th

Congrats to all the qualifiers. Also there was more success for Prairie BPA at the state competition. Jaxon Sirowy and Sean Hamilton both were elected for a state officer position after taking a test, filling out an application, and giving a speech in front of more than 400 people at the conference. Sean will take on the role of the VP of Marketing and Jaxon will be the Iowa BPA Secondary President.


Also thanks to the advisors Mrs. Hynek, Mrs. Gudenkauf and Mr. Sima for the continued support.



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