By Stuart Boston

Prairie wrestling individuals went pretty well. Prairie qualified seven wrestlers. However, after the first day only four remained. From those four, two placed.


The wrestlers that qualified were, Conrad Braswell 106, Lucas Harmening 126, Trenten Wennermark 132, Casey Hogan 138, Chase St. John 145, Tyger Whitters 160, and Preston LaGrange 182.


Out of those seven only Braswell, Wennermark, Chase, and Preston were still alive. Braswell and Wennermark were on the front side of the bracket while St. John and LaGrange were trying to wrestle back.


Then on the second day Braswell and Wennermark got wins, advancing them to the semifinals, but St. John and LaGrange got beat out.


Then Braswell lost to Cullan Schriever 5-10, who eventually went on to win state. Wennermark lost to Brandon Birt in a very close match 8-10.


Braswell then had a nice recovery and won easily allowing him to wrestle for 3rd. However, Wennermark lost again and went on to wrestle for 5th.


Braswell lost 3-5 to Cody Anderson of Waukee and ultimately placed 4th. Wennermark lost 4-9 to Jake Watters of Dowling Catholic to place 6th.


This year prairie wrestling had a decent year, but there is much room for improvement. There will be very high hopes for Braswell and Wennermark as both are returning. Good luck next year to prairie wrestling

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