Nowadays with the costs of higher education opportunities such as college, people wonder if it’s even worth the debt. Rates for public and private college institutions have skyrocketed since the late 2oth century. This fact leaves people scared and worrisome about enhancing their knowledge and making a better life for themselves and their families.

There are arguments for both sides of attending college and not attending college. However there are several variables and factors that every individual needs to consider for themselves and themselves alone. A lot of students subject to peer pressure when making this decision just so later on they recognize it was a disaster of a mistake.

College alone is stressful with the curriculum and levels they teach at but the cost of it and how you’re suppose to pay for it is right up there next to that. Regardless of the options the state and government provide us with.

When applying for college there are tons of options to help one afford the costly tuitions. There is FAFSA, student loans, federal work study, guardian loans, and thousands of different scholarships. Besides those options there are other things that could help pay for the costs such as donating plasma, joining the army, and or having a part time job. College is insanely expensive but there are options for all students.

One thing that everyone needs to remember when making this decision for themselves is that college is an investment in your future. Never put in more than you will be getting out. In other words, if you estimate to graduate college with an $80,000 student loan but starting out with your degree you will only make around $30,000, there was probably a smarter option you could’ve gone with such as possibly a cheaper school.

After high school tons of students are eager to jump into the fun and excitement of a huge beautiful yet costly university. Another option students tend to forget about to save money is to attend a nearby community college. Community college rates are half of what public universities rates are for education. Yet community colleges still offer a great foundation for your education. Then later if you’re going for a bachelor’s degree, you could transfer to a huge university but with little to no student debt.

A higher education opens doors for one’s opportunities and life after high school. College graduates are studied to make up to 3x more than those who just graduate high school. That means a better life for yourself and for your families.

College is expensive and most people will agree with that statement. Now if one were to say college isn’t worth it, not a whole bunch of people would then agree with that one. College is hard and it is stressful. The studies aspect as well as the financial aspect. However there are ways to cope with the financial burden that comes upon your shoulders. Several different options in fact. Don’t let a sticker price hold you down and startle you from chasing your dreams.
Photo by: Forbes


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