The countries of Indonesia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia have been banning Valentine’s Day over the last couple of years. In 2008, Saudi Arabia banned Valentine’s day related celebrations, while in 2012 Indonesia did the same year. Pakistan is the newest country to ban this holiday.

All of these countries are Muslim-majority countries, and authorities have explained that Valentine’s day doesn’t go with Muslim beliefs. Some even say that the holiday is a western belief.

Countries have banned anything from roses to confiscating contraceptives in minimarts.

The primary reason for them to confiscate contraceptives is to stop teenagers from engaging in sexual relations. They want to stop this from happening since it doesn’t stand with Muslims beliefs and morals.

A group of men in Saudi Arabia were put in prison for 32 years and received 4,500 lashes for having a Valentine’s Day party a couple of years ago.

Yet, some people decide to risk it all and buy roses on the black market for unbelievably high prices.

Authorities aren’t the only ones agreeing this ban, but about an 80% of the people that read about the Pakistani ban agreed with the authorities.

Meanwhile, other Asian countries promoted Valentine’s day, and even gave out prenatal vitamins to couples who wanted to have babies.

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