The various SeaWorld locations are home for hundreds of different aquatic animals. Including whales, sharks, stingrays, dolphins, crabs and tons more. In this matter the primary focus is going to be about the whales. In more detail the killer whales that perform the fun and magical shows for the audiences.

Many argue that SeaWorld is the right home for this aquatic species. However I tend to greatly disagree. These whales at SeaWorld are given a home, food and love. However have the founders of SeaWorld ever considered what would be the best for this species of animal or are they just concerned with what’s best for their wallet?

Killer whales at SeaWorld are expected to put on a show for guests all day, every day when the park is open. However maybe they don’t consider how truly exhausting it can be for the whale. Think about it, the whales are stuck doing the same routines, in the same pool, with the same leaders. The only variable that changes is the audience and whales don’t even realize that. Similar day to day activity without change and or excitement can cause depression among humans. What makes people think it’s different for whales?

The killer whales at SeaWorld are usually animals that are saved by the organization. Staff members take the whales out of endangered areas and capture them to nurse them back into health and strength. Usually these whales are washed up on sea shore damaged and bleeding, in an endangered area of the ocean and get rescued or just taken into care for health reasons or disabilities.

These whales then go to the famous yet adventurous parks of SeaWorld. The whales then create lifelong relationships with other whales in their tanks and the humans that nurse them and look after them. These whales are provided with what humans argue is a luxury life due to the fact that they receive a nice little treat whenever they do a good performance or trick. Although we can’t be fooled to act like how we feel is how they feel.

Following research whales in general are very sophisticated creatures. Killer whales in depth are very smart and aware and experts argue that this is due to their strong hunting skills and killing abilities. Although on the other hand these species are also a very sweet and happy go lucky aquatic animal. They come off frightening because of their name and their instinct to hunt and kill, but these whales are very sweet and emotional.

With this high level of knowledge the whales are familiar with what their life is about. They understand that they are there at the park for their outgoing and fun performances, although if they could go back home into the ocean, they probably would. The PETA organization has researched killer whales at SeaWorld and killer whales that live in their natural habitat and generally the results have been that killer whales living in the ocean are overall happier.

I understand that in the big picture SeaWorld was just trying to help. However nurturing a whale and nursing them back into health and keeping them in the same tank performing the same shows against their wills are two totally different things. Just because we cannot talk to them and or understand them certainly does not mean that they don’t have feelings just like us humans do. Animals deserve the same rights that humans do. We need to realize that we share this planet with other species and mammals and make life just as fair and enjoyable for all of life.

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