By Kyler Schutzman

The endangerment of animals and plants is at an all time high, with 11 extinctions within the past two centuries. In the past year alone, 188 more species have been declared as endangered.


As of this year there are over 41,000 species on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) red list. Currently the world is losing dozens of species every single day.


These extinctions have things to do with climate change and global warming. If the trends happening continue then there could potentially be another mass extinction.


Most of the extinct species happen to be subspecies of already endangered species. But with the trend seen by statistics, those main species could potentially go extinct within the next few decades or perhaps centuries.


In the past 40 years, the world has lost the Golden Toad, the Zanzibar Leopard, the Po’ouli, the Pyrenean Ibex, and many more.


Climate change has been happening at an alarming rate, and this is caused by the toxic gases going into the atmosphere and polluting the Earth. This can all be stopped or slowed down if people start to utilize the resources we have.


Smart cars, solar panels, stored energy, etc. These are all possible ways to help stop global warming. Help save the world.



What do you think?

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