By Maddi Hansen

On Tuesday, a republican with very little experience in public education was elected as the United States secretary of education. However, it was a very close vote with a 50-51 outcome. Mike Pence being the tie-breaking vote.


There was a lot of controversy throughout the nation as Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the secretary of education. There hasn’t been so much doubt about this position ever.


Betsy DeVos is most familiar with charter schools and vouchers. People are uneasy about this because she does not recognize public schools since she has never really been in one.


DeVos believes that teachers in public schools get paid too much and should receive a lower income. This is concerning, considering many people disagree with her, believing that teachers in public schools don’t get paid enough.


In Detroit, Betsy DeVos changed a law in which citizens could choose where they pay taxes for schools. Meaning that the wealthy taxes went to private schools leaving public schools behind. This ended up hurting kids who couldn’t afford private schools. The public schools in Detroit had a drop out rate of 40%.


There has never been so close of a vote for this position. It only took one more person to avoid this problem. Now all the teachers in public schools will have to work harder and get paid less. It will be a tough four years to come.

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