There are more than 400,000 people in the United States living with Down Syndrome but that isn’t stopping Collette Divitto from doing what she loves. Collette an entrepreneur of her business Collettey’s Cookies in Boston now makes cookies for a living.


Divitto started her own business after she was facing barriers finding a job or a paying job. She wanted to do something she loved and after feeling defeated she wanted to start her own business with the help of her mother. Her mother said “God put her on Earth to the change the wave of thought for people around the country.”


Ever since her local news station featured her and news spread across the US, she has gotten over 75,000 orders of cookies. To make all the cookies she needed help from family, friends and even community volunteers but they have caught up on all the amazing cookie orders made with “100% love.”


Collett has many things going for her. Business is booming, people are inspired and they for sure love her cookies. Later this month, she will be at the Oscars to hand out her cookies and put them in the attendees gift bags. “I am super excited and honored,” she said in an interview with her local news station.


Collett Divitto has defied all odds of what is stereotypical of people with mental illness. They can do anything we can. For more information or to order cookies go to

Photo by CBS Boston


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